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To reach the summit of a formidable mountain, you’ll need a vision, plan, and solid execution.

Are you tired of living in fear of financial uncertainty? At Four Points Wealth Management, we believe in taking an active approach to financial planning, empowering passionate individuals to achieve their ambitious goals. Our clients, including high-achieving professionals and inspired entrepreneurs, are driven by a desire for wealth creation and financial freedom.

At Four Points Wealth, we specialize in crafting personalized wealth management strategies tailored to your active lifestyle. Whether you’re exploring the vibrant offerings of Colorado or embarking on adventures around the globe, our mission is to support your journey towards financial independence.

Say goodbye to financial stress and hello to the life you’ve always dreamed of. Partner with Four Points Wealth Management and start building the future you deserve today.

Create your vision of financial success

Goals-based Investment Management

Efficient and Effective tax planning

Working with a CFP Professional

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Goals-based Investment Management

To create a lucrative investment strategy, we need to understand your whole financial picture. When we know this, we can execute a practical investment strategy to achieve your long-term goals without sacrificing your short-term ambitions. Four Points Wealth has a robust suite of investment solutions that will get you where you want to be

Efficient and effective tax planning

A silent killer of your financial goals is ineffective tax planning that puts a strain on your investment returns and reduces your financials. Four Points Wealth takes a proactive approach to tax planning to help mitigate taxes in retirement, create efficient investment portfolios, and help you plan for future tax events.

Create your vision of financial success

Your idea of financial success relies on the right pieces coming together. The Four Points Wealth approach helps you identify your goals, creates a plan for success, guides you on how to execute the plan, and ultimately celebrates your financial successes!

Working with a CFP® Professional

When it comes to planning for a stable financial future, it’s all about partnering with an advisor who is committed to putting your interests first. As a Certified Financial Planner®, Taylor Leary will help you create a financial plan that’s as dynamic as your life.


Most traditional advisors are not trained to catapult their clients to success by teaching financial behavior adjustment. Taylor’s non-traditional Mindful Wealth protocol is like a workout to build financial vitality, freeing up your time and energy.

You’ll walk out of our complementary consultation armed with a newfound financial clarity that will accompany you through our personalized planning and management journey until you reach your financial and lifestyle destination.


 Investment Management


Retirement Planning



A Decade of Dedication — Lifestyle Success Stories:

Create your family’s Financial roadmap

Accumulate wealth that serves your goals

Thrive in
(and through) retirement

Create generational wealth

Mickey J.

We first got with Taylor a little over 6 years ago when I was preparing to retire and my wife had just retired. It has been a great relationship and I think we have kept our investment and perhaps added a little, even after the RMD’s. Taylor is not only our financial guy, but also a friend. We always start our our meetings with how he and his family is doing and how we and our kids and grand kids are doing. It is that kind of relationship that makes me feel good and confident about the financial advice he gives us. Never high pressure but “I have this that I think you might be interested in” approach that I love.

Ruth K.

Taylor has helped me with my Personal Investments and also with my brothers as he has passed. He is always willing to take the time to explain and answer my questions. My two joys are now going to use Taylor as their Advisor

Kay F.

Taylor works with me with my longer term financial goal always in mind. He is my levelheaded advisor who brings the focus back to the strategic financial goal. He welcomes ideas, questions and open to new thoughts. Wealth management can be a very emotional business, but with Taylor on my side. I’m in good hands.

Don H.

Taylor has been managing my account for seven years now. He takes my interests very seriously, he always informs me if we need to make a change and is very good at explaining it so I can understand. I trust Taylor to always do what is in my best interest.

Kent F.

Working with Taylor at Four Points WM is great. We worked together to develop a strategy, and he took care of the details to meet the strategy. He is personable, professional and listens to my needs and goals. My expectations are always met, and financial goals exceeded. I am very pleased!

John C.

Taylor is a top notch investment advisor. He keeps us informed about our investment strategy and options for meeting our goals. He is very intelligent, friendly and a pleasure to work with. Best of all he’s a CU Buff.


When I first started my financial advisor career, I was faced with a daunting task — helping a generation of investors recover from the greatest financial catastrophe since the Great Depression. It was 2009, and I was beginning to see how investor behavior created disastrous outcomes. People were fearful, skeptical, and outright afraid of investing.

I honed my approach to wealth management by watching and learning from large investment institutions, smaller financial management firms, and veteran advisors, but when I decided to pioneer Four Points Wealth Management, I wanted to take a different approach to financial planning and investment management. Instead of applying old school or traditional thinking, I applied a modern twist to wealth management — leveraging technology and integrating modern personal finance techniques. Four Points Wealth’s truly fiduciary approach to financial services gives all of our clients the confidence that they are getting the most value for their money.

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Strategic Financial Planning for High-Income Business Owners 

Strategic Financial Planning for High-Income Business Owners 

For most high-income business owners, navigating the financial landscape can feel like traversing uncharted territory. From intricate tax planning to structuring their businesses effectively and seizing investment opportunities, they must craft a comprehensive and strategic financial plan to safeguard the wealth they’ve painstakingly accumulated.

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