What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail? This is the question I often ask

my clients as we discuss their financial goals. Many people cannot think about their own

aspirations without condition; they have to imagine themselves winning the lottery or

coming into a large sum of money unpredictably in order to share their most inspiring

and outlandish goals. As a financial planner, this surprises me, for I have seen dozens

of cases where, with a little ambition and the right financial plan, the most inspiring dreams become reality.

In real life, most big ideas start with a simple thought like “Wouldn’t it be cool if…”. Through the lens of financial planning, our job at Four Points Wealth Management is to open your eyes to the possibilities you may not even realize are within your reach. And it all starts with the right financial plan.

To start, let’s cover a few good-to-knows.

Align Your Goals and Your Values

Pop culture, friends, family, and geography can influence your goals. But what’s really

important is to make sure your goals align with your values. Make sure you understand

the why of your dreams because you could end up chasing something you don’t actually

want. Like do you really aspire to own a private jet, even if you don’t enjoy traveling that


Make a Vision Board

Making a vision board is a good first step to align your goals and values. Start by

gathering a collection of images that correspond to your goals. Pinterest is a great tool

for this. Next, look at your collection of images and think about what feelings they

inspire within you. This method of visualization can help you affirm your goals of choice.

Align Short and Long Term Goals

Small steps lead to big results. Running inventory on your goals can help you

categorize and prioritize them and keep you on track for hitting them all. You may want

to delay some short-term gratification for long-term satisfaction, like putting off buying

new skis and instead put some money toward a down payment on your dream ski


Rent the Dream

There’s a reason why test drives exist: they work! Nothing will give you a better

indication of whether or not a dream is worth pursuing than getting to experience it first-

hand. Many big dreams are more approachable on a smaller scale. If you want to retire

and sail around the world, for instance.

Why not rent a sailboat for a week and see if you’re cut out for retirement on the high seas? You may end up liking it as much as you thought, or you may adjust your dream to better fit your expectations. The point is, you never know until you give it a try.

Start with a Good Strategy

Combining effective goal planning techniques with modern financial planning is powerful

stuff. Throughout the years, I have developed the following tool to help clients reach

their goals. Simply follow along step-by-step, filling in the blanks as you go.

Fill in the Blanks of Financial Success

Step 1: How cool would it be if_________.

Use this framework to brainstorm a list of ambitions, dreams, and any things you desire

or aspire to have.

Step 2: I will create/have/achieve __________ by ________.

Use the dreams you identified in step 1 and transform it into a goal by making it specific

and timely.

Step 3: The obstacles that are in the way of creating my vision are_________.

Identify obstacles in your way. By identifying hurdles you may have to overcome, you

can plan to minimize their impact.

Step 4: I feel ________ knowing I created and produced __________.

Visualize your success by putting yourself in a mindset of accomplishment and


Use the steps above to walk through this process yourself. Now that you have a clear

vision, it’s time to bring it to life with an actionable plan and good financial advice from a

certified expert.

Success Stories and Next Steps

Recently, a client of mine wanted help building a comprehensive financial plan. He had

a lot going on in his life, including being a single dad, saving for college, keeping pace

with his professional life, building his investment portfolio, planning for retirement, and

having fun along the way. One of his big dreams was to own an investment property in

the mountains by the time he turned 50. We built a plan that would help him pay off

debt to strengthen his cash flow, ensure he was saving enough for retirement, and

optimize his investment strategy to align his personal ambitions with his financial goals.

After 18 months of planning and execution, we met up again to discuss his progress.

Through hard work and dedication, he was ready to begin the process of buying a

mountain property two years before his 50th birthday.

So what’s your big, “Wouldn’t it be cool if…” dream? No matter what it is, a good

financial advisor, like a Certified Financial Planner®, or CFP®, can help you align your

goals, create a clear path to success, and keep you accountable. The best way to find

one? Take advantage of a free consultation from Four Points Wealth Management. We

can help you personalize a financial strategy to get you where you want to go. Still have

questions? Reach out to me and I’ll help you get ahead of your financial goals.