Let’s talk about you for a second. What’s stopping you from seeking support in financial decisions?

What’s stopping you from reaching out to a financial advisor? 

Is it the fact that you’re not ready to make an investment yet? Or maybe it’s because you don’t want to be pushed into fancy investment talk that sways you into a half-hearted commitment. If you can relate to this, keep reading.

Many of our people feel this way, through no fault of their own.

Actually, wealth management is broken. Here’s how Four Points Wealth is fixing it. 

The concept of wealth management is attractive, especially in today’s world where there’s so much noise on where to invest your money and there are seemingly new ways to get rich everywhere you look, yet growth seems to evade you. The traditional approach to wealth management is flawed, and we’ve put to light the disruptive trends in wealth management.

I’ve seen this story so many times: 

A 40-something year old, married with 2 kids, owns their home, and owns a rental property. He’s a project manager for a large company with a 401k and stock options, and his wife runs her own business. They like real estate and investing but they have questions about new trends in investing, such as cryptocurrency. While they have a decent size investment account, they don’t necessarily have the wealth to garner any attention from a large investment firm. They’ve scoured the blogosphere for information, spent countless hours creating spreadsheets that don’t tell them much, and used obscure and sketchy financial calculators online, but they still lack the confidence in their financial future.

We’ve created a new model that frames wealth management in a way that puts your financial goals over an advisor’s agenda to help you produce a roadmap to financial success. 

In this blog, we discuss the Four Points Wealth approach to wealth management. This type of wealth management strategy has received a great deal of interest, especially when working with young, ambitious, and driven individuals.

Wealth Management is Broken, Here’s How Four Points is Fixing It…

As a financial advisor and wealth manager, I believe it’s prudent to stay informed on how to make money work for you. At Four Points Wealth, we do this by researching current trends in financial planning and analyzing the results of investment management strategies through client case studies and our own client success.

Through this approach, we identified why traditional wealth management is broken. The reason is that financial planning is used as a loss leader. Loss leader is a pricing strategy where a product or service is sold at a price below its market cost, or given away for free, to stimulate other sales of more profitable goods or services. 

Flaws of Traditional Wealth Management

Traditional wealth management models do not put a value on financial planning services, leaving it without incentive on the front end. So, you get a half-assed financial plan that probably doesn’t paint an accurate picture in an effort to get you to invest in their products. Afterall, that’s how a traditional “financial advisor” gets paid. 

Here are the biggest roadblocks that you’ll see in the traditional model:

  1. It doesn’t pass the fiduciary test: The advisor is incentivized to show the client is not in good condition to push them to investment solutions.
  2. It doesn’t lend itself to helping people without large stock market investments. If you’re not necessarily in a place to invest, then a financial advisor has no incentive to advise you. 
  3. It puts all the value on the investments rather than focusing on your goals. 

Now that we’ve broken down and analyzed the flaws of the traditional wealth management model, let’s talk about the other side of the coin.

The Winning Combination: Financial Planning and Investment Management

After years of seeing how the traditional wealth management model fell short and hearing how frustrated investors were by not being properly served, I knew something had to change. I analyzed case studies and conducted endless amounts of research on what was working for our clients, and I came up with a diversified approach.

The pioneering approach that Four Points Wealth Management uses is a process that allows the client to choose their journey. They can either get comprehensive wealth management by combining financial planning and investment management, or they can separate them and use one or the other. 

This is the key to helping people make a comfortable, achievable decision that sets them up for success.

Our clients have different goals, backgrounds, and budgets. We don’t believe in applying the same approach to each client. It doesn’t work. 

Did you know that 15 million entrepreneurs are full-time self-employed? Think 15 million different kinds of businesses, diverse cash flows, and varied financial needs. 

You see, when working on wealth management, science, data, and human behavior are all important components to consider. If you only look at the science and data behind things and don’t integrate your client’s conditions, behaviors, goals, and journey, you won’t get profitable results.

As a financial advisor, I believe in setting our clients up for success in their budgets, incomes, and financial planning. That’s why Four Points Wealth offers specific financial planning services that essentially illustrate the roadmap of what you need to do to get to your desired goal. 

It’s a flexible approach that is catered to each individual or family, their circumstances, and their financial goals. 

Why This Works

Imagine you’re just starting out with no information on how to manage your funds. If you follow the traditional model, you’ll be lost behind how things work without making sure whether or not they do work

Investing should be part of a comprehensive financial plan that reflects the current state of your life. From there, we determine how much you can comfortably invest, what to invest in, where to invest, and what tax structures you will need to set up. It’s important to review your current assets and liabilities regularly so that the strategy remains aligned with your goals.

I’ve seen and met young, wise entrepreneurs who’re hitting consistent six-figure incomes. Their biggest struggle is money management; they spend too much, invest too little, and they have too little intention on their long-term goals. This new wealth management model suits them well because, at this point, they want guidance and financial advice on how to manage their funds. They’re not quite ready to make investments, yet. They need, and want, to create a strong financial foundation.

We start out by mapping out an achievable plan to manage, amplify, and optimize their current cash flow. It leaves room for them to save and invest down the line once they are ready. All while still building a robust financial foundation. 

When the advisor is guiding the client with zero interest in pushing for investment when the client is not ready, it allows the client to feel confident, comfortable, and optimistic. 

What We Offer…

Imagine what you could achieve when you don’t have to worry about getting nudged and pushed to make financial decisions you’re not ready for. At the same time learning to align your financial goals, income, and budget to create a clear path to success and keep you accountable.

In this day and age, you need to be smart in money management. Don’t ever shy away from seeking advice on what to do or how to save your hard-earned cash. 

Take advantage of a free consultation call from Four Points Wealth Management. We can help you personalize a financial strategy to get you where you want to go with ease.

Reach out to me and I’ll help you get ahead of your financial goals and answer any financial questions you have, no matter how trivial you think they are.

You deserve profitable solutions.