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Creating wealth management solutions as dynamic as your lifestyle

Whether you’re preparing for an assault of the summit of a Colorado 14er, planning your next tropical adventure vacation, or gearing up for a weekend in the mountains, Four Points Wealth can create a financial plan that is as dynamic as your lifestyle. Our proven wealth management process can help you create inspired financial objectives to match your adventurous spirit.
Your wealth building guide!

Financial Planning for an

Active and Adventurous Lifestyle

How to create an inspired and dynamic financial plan that balances your needs and keeps you in control

Financial Planning


Create your financial road map and bring your finances into sharp focus. Dream big and see how Four Points Wealth can put you on track to reach your financial summit.

Investment Management

Lean on experts

Customize your investment management strategy to help you along in your financial
journey. Four Points Wealth integrates a goals-based investment solutions so you don’t stray from your financial true north.

Retirement Planning

Delight in your golden years

Whether retirement is years away or just around the corner, there are crucial steps to
take to ensure you can let you adventurous spirit thrive and leave your financial concerns behind. Four Points Wealth can help you create retirement income, plan for
Social Security, and overcome nearly any hurdle that gets in the way of you and

tax planning

Pay Strategically

While paying taxes are inevitable, its wise to keep them as low as possible. The IRS won’t send you a thank you card for overpaying. Four Points Wealth takes a proactive approach to tax planning to manage surprises

Risk Management

Protect yourself

Just as in rock climbing you always complete a safety check, it pays to check your financial risk to ensure you’re financially protected from unexpected events. Take care of what matters most and protecting those who you love can save from many financial hardships.

Legacy Planing

leave joy for generations

Like being good stewards of the land allows generations of people to enjoy the outdoors
like you have, your wealth should allow you to set up the next generation to succeed
personally and financially. Create a plan to ensure your money, values, and stories are
passed the next generation as you intended

Private Wealth Management

We work with individuals and families to align their financial pursuits with their goals, dreams, and aspirations. Leaning on our comprehensive and proven wealth management process we can create a plan that serves your short-term and long-term financial objectives.

Business Success PLanning

“Am I doing enough for retirement?” “Will my employees be able to retire?” “Are my employees financially secure?” As a business owner you have a lot on your plate and you wear a lot of “hats.” Four Points Wealth can create business solutions to help you achieve your financial goals and assist your employees on their financial journey.

The First Step Toward

Financial freedom

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The climb to that financial summit you envision is much safer and more enjoyable with a financial Sherpa to lead the way and help carry your research load.

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